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February 17

Moldy Oldies: Huggabroomstik’s “Nothing Came Out”

One of the wonders of life in New York City is that the intimacy of each individual relationship can become enhanced by the contrasting vastness of our 300-square-mile metropolis and its staggering 8.4 million residents. As if we needed a reminder, the pricelessness of human contact is more apparent now than it has been in […]

January 26

KNABLE GAZING: Antifolk This

Or, Reckoning with Someone Else’s Antifolk Playlist* On February 5, Ain’t I Folk? Weemayk Music Covers Antifolk Classics drops on BandCamp followed by a February 17 drop on all streaming services. Its lead single is Herman Düne’s “Futon Song” as covered by Cucaracha, a.k.a. Cockroach. ///**// Cockroach, I remember ye well. Hunched and buggy with […]