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June 04


Songs about how parents have had their good lives and now it’s entirely their 20-something progenies’ turns piss me off. You would think that would make me hate the AJR concert I went to the other weekend. And yet, I enjoyed it, being there as I was with my family, including my two sons and […]

May 24

BCF Select Shows – Week of 5.23.22

A selection of shows/livestreams from the infinite sea of events in NYC this week.

April 17

There’s Always an Old Song Somewhere: An Interview with Dom Flemons

On Friday, April 29th, I’ll be at Symphony Space attending a live musical performance by GRAMMY award-winning musician Dom Flemons, with special guest Andy Hedges, which will be the second of three consecutive nights of Flemons’ performances at the venue. Flemons is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter with a repertoire spanning a century’s worth of […]

March 08

KNABLE GAZING: Reflections on a Dylan Dream

“We were in front of a house I knew in the dream but never in real life. He had a black Camaro that I regularly took him out for rides in. I had to do the driving and it was my honor. Top down, dirty old car, two-door so it opened wide and he climbed […]

February 19

The Localist: Pitching Publicists

Just because you have money to be able to pay a publicist does not mean that a publicist will accept you as a client for your upcoming record release. I repeat, just because you have money to be able to pay a publicist does not mean that a publicist will accept you as a client […]

January 25

The Localist: How to Write an Album, Part 7 – The Importance of Singles for Emerging Artists

Parts 1-6 have focused more on the theory of writing albums for public consumption, but I wanted to talk a bit about practical matters that affect artists that are starting to pitch records to the public or people in the industry. And so I thought it would be helpful to talk about the concept of […]

January 21

For Old-Time’s Sake: Nora Brown Release Show for “Sidetrack My Engine” LP

Last fall, I was invited to attend a live musical performance at the Jalopy Theater and School of Music and write about it for Big City Folks. It was the release show for “Sidetrack My Engine”, the second album by 16-year-old Brooklyn-based banjo virtuoso Nora Brown. I gladly accepted. Below is my account of Brown’s […]

October 13

KNABLE GAZING: The Performance or the Nachos?

In college, I had a part time job at the Music School stage managing the final recitals for the graduate students. It was just the musicians and me in the tight backstage space, so I would see them intimately in their pre-performance states before they walked out through my expertly held door and throughout the […]

September 26

The Localist: The Birth of Imposter Syndrome

I begin with the caveat that I am not literally giving an analysis of the birth of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome has existed for as long as people have been doing art, and naturally arises from the tension between what an artist thinks they have accomplished, and what an artist has actually done. In this […]

August 16

KNABLE GAZING: Mel and The Tall Boys in the Delta of Rockwood

An experiential concert review I’ve never felt so uncool as when I stood in the back of the venue where I played in my band’s halcyon days, the only medically masked man in a room full of people in their 20s. The three-man band opening for Mel and the Tall Boys played covers with originals […]