The Album Working Group

When: The First Sunday of every month @ Noon.
Where: The Big City Folk Discord –

The Album Working Group is a once-monthly meeting in the Big City Folk Discord, for performer-songwriters of any genre, who are in very broad brushstrokes, intending to record and release an album. The format will be very very loose, and people will get together in manageable groups, to just talk about what they are working on, or what they are planning, as it relates to an album. This can include songwriting, developing an album concept, tracklisting, cover art, vinyl pressing, music videos, finding a label (or not), finding a publicist (or not), doing interviews, and everything in between.

The planned format is just for people to bring with them (1) something to share or talk about, regarding what they are working on, or what they are planning, and (2) if they want to structure the kind of feedback they get, some sense of what that is. Maybe you don’t want any feedback per se, but have a question about where to go next. Maybe you don’t even have anything written, and are trying to figure out where to start. That’s all okay!

Of course, when giving feedback or asking questions, please do the best you can to respect people’s boundaries and be courteous. This is not an instructional course, where anyone is telling anyone else how they should be doing things – unless they allow for that kind of feedback. Rather, this is intended as a space where people can talk through the challenges of album writing and release with other musicians, who collectively have a lot of experience and so can provide helpful insight and feedback as a community.

Note: The other musicians in the group are not customers. Please do not present already-released material that you are just trying to get additional spins for. Please also do not try to sell professional services to others in the group. The group is for people who are working on the very challenging process of writing and releasing records.