August 23

Video Premiere – Josh Edward, “Leftovers”

apartment blues

At BigCityFolks, we plan to run premieres of music videos for singer-songwriters who become a part of the songwriter music scene in New York City.  In service of that intention, we present our inaugural music video, from Josh Edward, a singer-songwriter originally hailing from Cincinnati, who made his way through the local music scene this past year.  While living in New York City, he recorded and released an EP, Apartment Blues, which marks its 1-year anniversary today.

The song, “Leftovers” has an old-school Thom Yorke charm to it – a charm that Yorke lost forever when he succumbed to the encroaching robot voices that took over his brain in later records.  And that’s what I like most about the song.  In the video, Josh stares speculatively at a plate of food before reaching in to take a bite.  Does he end up taking a bite?  We may never know.

Unfortunately, Josh went the way of many a New York City songwriter, and is currently living in Nashville.  We forgive him for that, and hope that he comes back to visit every once in a while.

Josh is currently working on a new secret music project, so we look forward to how that takes shape.  In the meantime, you can check out Apartment Blues on Bandcamp.