BCF Private Encore: John Cathal O’Brien

Welcome back to “Private Encore”! As an extension of our weekly Song Club, we’ll have the featured act (in this case, John Cathal O’Brien) play just one more song – one that they didn’t already play in their set – for our cameras.


BCF: What do you like about this song?

The story and the things it reminds me of

BCF: What don’t you like about this song?

Hmm – the bridge always feels a little shaky – I didn’t include it in the private encore.

BCF: What was the first song you sang as part of the feature set?


BCF: Do you like that song or the song you did for the private encore better? And why?

Tide is new and Im still working on it so Im excited about it – but tonight was the first performance and it needs work. Acid Week is very dear to me and I would have to say as of now I like it better.

BCF: Do you have a theory of what makes a good song, and if so what is it?

No – not really – I think it depends on who you are and what you’re dealing with at a certain time in your life.

BCF: What do you do when you get writer’s block?

Try and force myself and get frustrated and eventually lose all hope until it goes away.

BCF: Is there a place where people can go to buy this song?

Yes! Bandcamp is best…