BCF Private Encore: Ruby Landen

Welcome back to “Private Encore”! As an extension of our weekly Song Club, we’ll have the featured act (in this case, Ruby Landen) play just one more song – one that they didn’t already play in their set – for our cameras.


BCF: Tell us a little bit about the song you picked? 

RL:  It’s called moving. At the time that I wrote it I was moving around a lot and was a little excited by that but also nervous that I would never be able to stop. 

Why did you pick this song for the private encore and not as part of the feature set? 

I just recently started playing more of the older stuff I’ve written. A lot of it makes me roll my eyes and cringe, but there are usually a couple elements of each song that are worthwhile. This is one of those.

What do you like about this song? 

This song has become more relevant to my life recently, having moved from Paris to New York and subsequently uprooting all of my systems and comforts. It’s also a little more upbeat than what I normally write which is fun I guess. 

What don’t you like about this song?

I think it’s a little cheesy… maybe not super relatable to me right now because of how optimistic it is. 

What was the first song you sang as part of the feature set?

So Long

What do you do when you get writer’s block? 

Get frustrated and wallow